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I almost forgot!

After walking to college one morning with Jack, he asked me if I ever watched Skins and knew who Cassie was. I replied no, and he said I looked freakishly like the character. I put it out of my mind because it wasn't relevant. That was until...the last month people have been randomly coming up to me and asking if I watch a programme called Skins. I haven't. And then they look sheepish but then say I look like one of the characters called 'Cassie'. Now I have had this comparision made be complete strangers in the following places:

The Park in Town
Various Ladies Tolilets in Town
The Whitehouse in Town
In TopShop changing rooms
In Warehouse Changing Rooms
At The Airport

I've also been walking down the street and in town completely bewildered as a group (I'd guess) 15 and 16 year olds start shouting Cassie and try to get me to go over to them!

When I mentioned this to some friends from college they all agreed passionatly, which was weird. One of them stated that they had thought that since they started watching the programme. Now, I was a bit worried because when I googled the show and the character out of curiosity I found out she's a pill popping, anorexic with mental problems. I've been assure that I only look like her though. Apparently we have a similar dress sense.

Now, this strikes me as odd because I've never watched the programme. Apparently I talk like her to and am as dreamy and ditzy. 

Now I think, yeah, I can see some kind of resemblance but not so much as to recieve this kind of response. So please, dear readers/friends/fans/stalkers/haters, give me your opinions!

Ta to Thom who chose the photos and made the above thingy. I was too picky and adamant I don't have any photos to confirm what people say.

I am convinced the the costume designer saw me strolling down the street one day and stole my style and plonked it on the character. Absolutely certain.

Something I find amusing is that apparently I look like Cassie when blonde, but when I have dark brown hair people compare me to Anne Hathaway, which is odd because I don't think they look alike - aside from their rather large smiles.

Although according to the girls at my mum's work my dress sense reminds them of Peaches Gedolf...ha...I'll take the Cassie comparisson any day blud! I am nothing like Peaches Gedolf taaaaaaa!

Anywho...yar, insights would be great ta =]

New Journal, New Life Chapter?

So, I decided to start a new journal because I felt that I'm going to be starting a new chapter in my life shortly, and this was appropriate. I've never really introduced myself or my life properly on LJ, so I'm going to this time round.

So let me introduce myself and my life, that's if you can be bothered to read about it! (Hey, I can pretend people enjoy reading my boring rambling and lax writing style!)

This is Me.

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My name is Lauren, I'm 19 years old and I live in Happy Ol' Luton, no pun intended. Some random, unimportant facts about me:

I have blue eyes. They Rock.
I like to dye my hair, a lot.
Having a Mummy who is a hairdresser is a big bonus.
I love my sense of style, and love it when people comment on it (ego much?)
I'm a daddy's girl and proud of it.
I have one nerve, and everybody gets on it.
I'm no good at beating around a problem. I like to be brutally honest. Tis easier.
I love my friends, every single one of them. No matter how much they piss me off at times. They're my chosen family.
I like the word 'RAGS' and tend to use it when I'm aggrivated instead of swearing. 
According to my friend Thom, my approach to men is 'Seek and Conquer', though when you see my posts about men I like you may beg to differ...
There ain't NO lovin' as good as LAUREN LOVIN'

I support Northampton Saints Rugby Team, and Celtic Football Club. I love to go out dancing with my friends in the town centre and I'm always up for exploring new nightlife destinations.

In the next three months I hope be attending The University of Gloucestershire, studying Print Journaism. I can't wait, although it's quite scary to think that if I get in, come September I'm going to be moving 90 miles away from my family and friends, and move to a completely different county and part of the country.

I love lots of different genres of music, and a couple of my favourite artists are Kate Bush, The Who, The Spinners, Hard-Fi and Imogen Heap.

I studeid Media for three years, so it's obvious I love films. My top ten films are:

1. Singin' In The Rain
2. Goodbye Mr Chips
3. Rebecca
4. Amelie
5. Moulin Rouge
6. Elizabeth
7. Brigton Rock
8. Romeo and Juliet (circa 1968)
9. Lady Jane
10. Anne of a Thousand Days


I want to work in different aspects of Journalism, each part that interests me the most. I intend to have a career in travel journalism, as it's my ambition to eventually produce a book on were I've travelled and my experiences. As I love fshion (but what female doesn't?) I wouldn't mind trying that, but I'm not interested in the snooty, catty, highbrow designer clad bitches. I'd also like to work in historical journalism at some point as well.

I want to write a novel and get it published. I hope that once I achieve this I will become a more confident writer.

As I mentioned I have an interest in fashion, and one day I'd like to try my hand at either costume design or desinging. I can't make clothes but I'd love to learn.

If you don't know me then you've learnt some brand new facts, and if you do you might have found out something you didn't know before! I hope it wasn't too tedious.

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Plenty Love xx



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